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As remote broadcasts start up again across North America, Dome Productions assures its clients, crew, and staff that your safety is our biggest priority.

Dome’s Health and Safety task force has collaborated with government and industry partners to establish a set of Best Practices and Procedures both in and out of our mobiles. These practices are designed to keep our clients, crew, and staff safe and can evolve with stakeholder demands.


Deep cleaning of the mobiles will be done prior to events. Inside the mobiles, Dome is providing each operator with their own set of safety tools, including sanitary wipes, masks, and sanitized headsets. Each operator will be responsible for cleaning their own workstations, while Dome engineers will sanitize the mobile at the beginning and end of each shift.

Protocols have been established to minimize the passing of equipment between crew members, and to sanitize the equipment when such passing is necessary. Masks will be mandatory for all Dome-hired crew working inside the mobiles, or in close proximity to others. Dome recommends masks for all crew working in the mobiles and can provide extra masks for client-hired crew if asked.

Dome has installed moveable partitions between workstations that will be sanitized before and after each shift, and will have hand sanitizer stations in each truck. Dome has installed Merv 13 air filters in the mobiles and will review airflow after each event.


Dome is recommending a “bubble” protocol for each event, assigning personnel to a bubble such as the announcer area, venue, mobile A-unit and mobile B-unit. Operators will be required to remain in their assigned bubble for the duration of their shifts, to minimize the chances of cross-infection and to enable contact tracing in the event that someone does become ill.


Dome’s Logistics team has created a tracing and sanitizing system for equipment that will ensure all shipped gear arrives sterile and ready for use. Where possible, such gear will be returned to our Logistics team for re-sanitization. Where not possible, this equipment will be sanitized on-site before and after use.

Dome Productions is committed to safety in the compound, mobiles, and all work places. We will continue to evaluate and adapt as necessary to changes in process and technology.

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