Dome Productions has completed many full turnkey Host Broadcast projects. Our Host Broadcast team
combines expertise and experience to provide our Clients with superior results. Some of our Host broadcasting
events have been completed through corporate partnerships with other companies.

Our list of credits include:

  • 2022 Canadian Papal Tour
  • 2017 G7 Summit in Charlevoix
  • 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto
  • 2010 G8 Summit in Muskoka
  • 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto
  • 2008 Francophone Summit in Quebec City
  • 2005 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Montreal
  • 2002 G8 Summit in Calgary/Kananaskis (with PIXCOM)
  • 2001 Summit of the Americas in Quebec City (with PIXCOM)
  • 1999 Francophone Summit in Moncton (with PIXCOM)
  • 1999 Informal Meeting of NATO ministers in Toronto (with PIXCOM)
  • 1998 Land Mines Treaty Signing Conference in Ottawa
  • 1997 APEC Summit in Vancouver (with PIXCOM)
  • 1995 G7 Halifax Summit (with CTV)